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Friday, May 30, 2008

QSWW - World No Tobacco Day Celebration.

I have not been able to keep up with weekly posting of my Stop Smoking series as I promised to you and the bloggers who run the Meddesktop. But I was busy with some other stuff from the life. But tomorrow being the "World No Tobacco Day" I thought it is time for me to pick up my gears and write.
I have made a lot of mistakes as a young man but I have never regretted those except my smoking. I went on to earn a PHD in Physics and yet could not understand the damage I was doing to myself with smoking.
I was too Dependant on smoking needlessly to the extent that I was scared to give up smoking, even to try. I imagined all sort of things and listened to stories about people falling apart trying to give up smoking.
All those were proven wrong when I tried to give up smoking for the first time. It was a like sailing through mildly choppy waters. (I am taking sailing lessons now).
You can get where you want but need to keep your sails, wing and rudder in check. But it is no big deal. After smoking for more than 25 years, I just gave up over a long weekend. Yes I started on a Friday (Thursday evening) and I was working on Monday.
I had to go through cravings, going crazy without the security blanket that you had all those years. I would walk in to the balcony (I never smoked inside the house, except in the bathroom that had a giant vent) only to realize that I don't smoke any more. I did not have to go downstairs at work every hour no more. All those were fine but the pride that I was able to escape the grips of cigarettes and be a non smoker is the greatest feeling. The only regret I have is for not trying earlier.
All you need is to think, "Yes I Can and I Want To Stop Smoking" It will work. Now to a little bit about "No Tobacco Day".

The tobacco industry catches all of us very young. How do they do that? well you can learn more about tobacco industry's advertising, promotion and sponsorship tactics and how they are a threat to you and everyone near and far from you, please visit this site.
WHO, World Health Organization site for more information so that you can help yourself and others..

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