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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Quit Smoking and Weight Watching Article Series.

I completely gave up on smoking in the first go and it has been 18 months since. A lot of people could not believe that I could stop smoking. I have been smoking for a while, almost 25 years. I gave up in one weekend, and now I feel sorry for people who light up.
But giving up smoking has also given me another problem, Weight. I have gained almost 40 pounds and I am 203 pounds now (around my waist mostly! ;)0). Now I am working on getting back to what I was and a little more. I would like to be 150 pounds, and I am on my way there.

Due to my life style and work, I will not be able to keep a weblog but MedDesktop is on its way becoming a good health blog. So I have asked Solarion and his partner to allow me to post weekly post or more on Giving up smoking and and also keep the weight down. Who knows, perhaps later I will have my own Blog.

People, even if you gain weight, "Give up smoking", it makes you feel great, no more colds and coughs. and again, It makes you feel great and it is darn good not to have a monkey on your back. Usually every winter I end up with 5 o6 bouts of colds and may be flu as well, even with flu shots. This winter, I had no flu, no colds.
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