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Monday, December 24, 2007

Are Plastic Bottles harming You?

Some researchers fear that a chemical found in plastic products we use every day could be harming the development of children and triggering a wide array of maladies from cancer to diabetes.

There is a roaring battle these days over whether a chemical called Bisphenol A is dangerous to humans. The chemical is ubiquitous - used to harden plastic in consumer products including baby bottles, food containers, cling wrap, toys, CDs, sunglasses, and thousands of other products.

A number of independent researchers say tests on animals and other research indicates that Bisphenol A can be toxic at very low doses.

But a review committee created by the National Institutes of Health's National Toxicology Program has yet to find significant danger from the drug. Last month the panel released a preliminary report finding that Bisphenol A is of some concern for fetuses and small children. But it found that adults have "almost" nothing to worry about.
I wonder?
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LifeLessPlastic said...

From the research I've seen, it sounds like children are indeed more at risk, excluding pregnant women since they are carrying babies that would be the most vulnerable of all. Read more about the possible dangerous health effects of plastic.


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