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Friday, March 06, 2009

Google Health Getting Smarter To Make You Healthy

Since Google health was launched, there have been many a discussions, arguments both for and against the movement.
I have worked with healthcare field, yep, in the EMR, medical records field. I still work in the field but now with insurance related information.
I have seen healthcare records getting to healthcare professionals blocked or delayed by bureaucratic red tapes. At the same time, I have seen how easy it is to obtain health records by say lawyers for evidence etc. I even saw a TV show saying "Oh it is so bad any one with your social security number can get your health information" yes, anyone with with ones SSN can do much more.
But EMR, electronic medical records or health records, can save lives and that precede everything else in my mind. If you are dead, I think it is little value keeping your records to yourself.
EMR does not mean you are sharing your records with everyone in the planet. You can select whom you share your information. Media will always look for something to make headlines and they like to play games in margins.
So I think educating yourself on EMR might help you to make that decision and the link below and learn how the sharing your health records could help you and your loved ones.

Official Google Blog: Google Health: helping you better coordinate your care

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