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Monday, May 19, 2008

Google Health Opens For Service

Google Health finally has been launched and if you have to ask what Google Health is? it is an extension to your heath record information. You can store your health information with Google Health and manage it as you want. It's completely free. All you need to get started is a Google account ( Google username and password). If you have that you are set to go.

You also might wonder if it is safe? Yes! Google believes that your health information belongs to you, and you should decide how much you share and whom you share it with. Google also promise not to sell your data, and that the data is stored securely and privately. You can check out their privacy policy to learn more.

Once you login at the Google Health site, using your free Google Account, you can create and save a Google Health profile. You can enter as little or as much information as you want—for example, conditions, medications, and allergies.

You may also click the Reference links to read about symptoms, causes, and treatments.

You can even create additional profiles for your kids, your parents, or anyone you care about. This way you will have your whole family's health information from easy to access place. You, your doctor, or emergency health technician will be able to access these records from any where, as long as there is an Internet connection.

We all have a health records with information that span a few years. It will be hard to type in all those records. So Google has made the task easier by allowing you to import your information directly from your health care provider, hospital or doctor. They have partnered with hospitals, labs, and pharmacies to allow you to import your records and prescription history from healthcare providers that treat you. Linking accounts with these partners is secure. Just identify yourself by signing in at the partner's site with the username and login that you have with your provider, and then confirm that you want to link accounts and transfer data to Google Health. All will be done!

With Google Health, you can see your health information in an entirely new light. It can help you track your medical history. Use your profile to view a summary of your medical history, or drill down to see the details close up. Having all your health information organized and centrally located will help keep your doctors up-to-date when you visit them. Just point them to your records or print them out before visiting them.

One more fine things that you get is that whenever you add new health data to your profile, Google Health will cross check for potential interactions between your drugs, allergies, and conditions. Review these helpful tips to see if there are any issues you should talk to your doctor about.

You also can refill prescriptions online, ask for a second opinion, or get personalized health information based on your profile. You can link to these services in the same way you link to other partners to import your medical records. Google assures that it has no financial relationship with any of these companies and you can decide whether to connect with a service and share your health information with it.

And finally, Search for existing or new doctors by specialty or location. You can review professional details about doctors or easily view their business locations in Google Maps. You can search for hospitals too. Add all your providers to your medical contacts list so this important information is always close at hand.

So if you are interested, you can sign up at Google Health.

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