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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Healthy Google, Google gets hots on your health

Since many a people talk about Google owning you, at least all the information about you, (I got that when I posted about Google Desktop for Linux). It just like worrying about privacy. Anyway I saw a quite a bit of posts on Google and Microsoft getting on health. Google Blogscoped had screenshots, Official Google Blog had Official Google Blog: Health care information matters.
But since I left a comment on gOS, I will direct you to go and see a screen shot and a Photo, and read a bit. Be healthy! Here is the best!

* How do you know you're getting the best care possible? - "There is a lot of material out there about drugs, diseases, procedures and treatments. How do you know what is trustworthy and what isn't? Search is great at finding us places with relevant information, but it is hard to know which links are reliable and which are less so."
Of course go to Meddesktop once it is up, until then try not to die!

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YoYoYo said...

Just wanted to mention our patient activist and physician oriented Health Search startup "CureHunter". One of our main design goals is to bring patients and physicians closer to the research so they can make the most educated decisions possible and truly begin to practice Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) in real-time.

...without giving anyone your medical records!

Please check it out if you get the chance.


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