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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Fetal Doppler Lets You Hear And Monitor Your Unborn Baby.

Fetal Doppler system for home use is a anytime heartbeat monitoring the baby in the womb. As one of the most wonderful things could happen to a woman might be pregnancy, and many may have missed a heart beat when they heard the little heartbeat the first time. With a fetal Doppler, you can repeat that experience any time you want anytime anywhere. Following is a news release about mother who manage to have a peace of mind through four pregnancies.

WEBWIRE – Wednesday, January 30, 2008
After three heartbreaking miscarriages, Jacqueline Harris is certainly no stranger to the worry and fear that comes along with each new, hopeful pregnancy. After discovering a medical device known as a fetal heart doppler monitor, which allows one to hear a baby’s heartbeat from inside the womb, Harris was thrilled with the peace of mind this little piece of technology brought. Happily, Jacqueline is now the mother of four healthy children and desperately wanted to find a way to share her newfound knowledge of baby doppler monitors and the peace of mind they bring with the rest of the world, which led to the launch of her new site DopplerFetal.net.

Jacqueline says, "The FDA regulates the sale of baby dopplers and has deemed them safe for use. There are many legitimate companies out there doing business, but there are still those making a profit from selling the equipment illegally, and without the required prescription" Feeling strongly about providing the vital information people must know before purchasing their own doppler monitor, Harris launched her new site so all parents could be empowered with the knowledge they really need.

With in depth articles, tips, product reviews, and medical information about ultrasound technology, the site aims to fully enlighten parents-to-be about the benefits of fetal heart dopplers, and "how they help to make the experience of pregnancy even more wonderful than it already is" said Harris.

As Jacqueline found out during her research, consumers also need to be aware of "dopplers" that are labeled as a medical device, when in reality, they’re nothing more than "powerful microphones with medical grade prices and poor quality" said Harris who went on to say, "These are just some of the important things I wanted to be sure all consumers knew about"

For more useful information and helpful facts about purchasing or renting fetal heart dopplers, visit the site at http://www.dopplerfetal.net.

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