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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Almost Whole Of USA (85%) Has Reached Freezing Point 32F (0C)

I am so glad I live in California and I only get snow when I really wants it of when I have to be in the east coast for family matters, during winter.
According to Dr. Ryan Maue, of WeatherBell, Yesterday was the coldest November morning since 1976: More than 85% of the surface of the contiguous United States reached or fell below freezing. And yes we get to hear about places like Buffalo in the news but it is much the same for most folks and will continue to be so for sometime. Dr. Maue forecasts record breaking low temperatures, in decades or centuries, in some cases. Be mindful and be safe.
Average 19.3F Click to enlarge.

" Record lows from Idaho to Nebraska and Iowa south to Texas and east through the Great Lakes, the eastern 2/3 of the US will shatter decades-long and in some cases, century-long records. Temperatures east of the Rockies will be 20-40°F below climate normals.
Brisk northwesterly winds in the Great Lakes will cause heavy lake effect snow which will be measured in feet from Michigan to New York state. Monday, almost half of the Lower-48 was blanketed in snow. Please visit Mashable and Washington Post Capital Weather Gang for daily updates.

Cold air pushes east thru Wednesday with a reinforcing shot of Arctic air with origin from the North Pole & Siberia to arrive on Thursday in the Great Lakes. Any relief is is 5-6 days away as Chicago, Minneapolis, and Detroit will struggle to rise above freezing until Saturday. 

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