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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Flat Feet And The High Cost Of The Arch Correction.

I have a friend who is flat footed and I used to joke around him, until today when I read a post on New York Times. "My Left Foot: The High Costs of Fallen Arches" by Gbenga Akinnagbe, (an actor, appears in a one-man play, “The Thin Place,” at the Intiman Theater in Seattle, and the movie “Lottery Ticket,” opening in August.)
The man has lived with flat feet or pes planus for 31 years and had to correct the defect one foot at a time. He has done the left foot and awaiting the right time for the right foot. The story is not easy to listen to and he healed fast because he was young and a non smoker / non drinker.
But it look like flat feet is no laughing matter, if you or a loved one has it, better ask about it from you Doctor, before the pain hits. I alread called and forwarded the article to my friend.

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