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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tobacco Regulation, FDA, Stop Smoking And You.

The Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act (PDF, 350 K) was signed by President Barack Obama On June 22, 2009. The FDA, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration was granted authority to regulate tobacco products. I wish this had happened earlier. What ever the politicians and the tobacco lobbyists say, this can do only good to USA and it's people.

FDA has announced that it will perform its duties by using the best available science to guide the development and implementation of effective public health strategies to reduce the burden of illness and death caused by tobacco products.

But most important part of this historic legislation is that FDA is seeking input from the public as it begins working to implement the Act. Please Contact FDA and provide your ideas and concerns. I really hope they will help to eliminate these harmful products from this country. As the whole world look at USA as a leader in many fronts, I hope they too pick up on this development.

I was a once foolish smoker who realized the harm it does to me and I have successfully given up smoking and remained such for more than four years now. I am enjoying my life and simple things like constant flu and cold infections have gone. Last an previous winter, I did not catch a cold even once. This is one most cherished accomplishments of mine and I proudly promote the fact.

For information about approved products for tobacco cessation, visit Approved Products for Tobacco Cessation.

For information on community programs for effective tobacco control, visit CDC's State and Community Resources web site.
If you are an smoker, please consider giving up, for yourself, for your children and people around you. It is not difficult as many people think it is. Most needed element is your willingness to stop smoking and genuine need to fulfill your will.

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