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Thursday, April 02, 2009

HIPAA Security Compliance Remains Low Among Health Care Providers.

The deadline for compliance with the HIPAA Security Rule came and went more than a year ago, Only certain percentage have been implemented in practice. Of all the payers responded to the U.S. Healthcare Industry HIPAA Summer 2006 Survey, only 80% have implemented the security standards. But the providers were even less and only 56% have implemented the requrements. Even among the respondents claiming full compliance with the Security Rule, were at lost when questioned about if whether they had implemented key security standards.
"Our findings from the summer 2006, and the previous HIPAA surveys, have provided strategic insight into both the benefits and challenges of compliance," said Lisa Gallagher, HIMSS director of privacy and security. "Many of the HIPAA-required standards have been met, but this recent research identified what respondents consider as the 'red flags' of compliance -- especially in the Security and Privacy Rules."
You can read the complete article at Advance, a leading national health information magazine
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