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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Is your Baby On Toxic Baby Furniture?

Alarm bells for new parents and everyone around. Environment California has tested baby cribs and other infant furniture for formaldehyde – a toxic chemical linked with allergies, asthma, and cancer – can contaminate indoor air within California homes. Babies and young children are particularly vulnerable to harm.

Environment California Research & Policy Center hired Berkeley Analytical Associates, LLC to test the formaldehyde emissions of selected baby nursery furnishings. Laboratory staff placed each product in an environmental chamber and measured the amount of formaldehyde vapor that that was released to air. We then extrapolated the results to estimate how much each product would contribute to the formaldehyde air concentrations within a typical home. (For technical details, see the Methodology section on page 26 of the report, the link to the report is below.)

Many baby nursery furnishings emit formaldehyde.

  • Of the products tested, the Child Craft Oak Crib emitted the largest amount of formaldehyde. The crib includes a drawer made from composite wood, which is often manufactured using formaldehyde-based glue.
  • Other products with high formaldehyde emissions included the Bridget 4-in-1 Crib by Delta, the Kayla II Changing Table by Storkcraft, the Berkley Changing Table by Jardine Enterprises, the Country Style Changing Table by South Shore Furniture, and the Rochester Cognac Crib by Storkcraft.
  • The remaining 15 products tested – including the Olympia Single Crib by Jardine Enterprises; several wastebaskets, lamps, and shelves made with composite wood; and several window valances and wall hangings – emitted relatively low amounts of formaldehyde.
So make sure that your baby sleeps safe and sound!
Toxic Baby Furniture, The Latest Case for Making Products Safe from the Start

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