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Monday, May 19, 2008

Get Jump On Your Blog Traffic With Entrecard.

Warning, this post may not help with your health but your blogs health if you are a blogger. One can have all the good information on a blog but it is of no use if people do not see read them. That is the exact reason we joined Entrecard, to attract mo readers, to increase trafic.
If you are a regular visitor to our blog, you have seen the Entrecard widget advertising that we have selected from thousands of other blogs in Entrecard system who wished to advertise on out blog.
But I did not get paid for those ads in money. I got paid in Entrecard credits that I could use to advertise in other blogs I see fit. Another factor is the widget itself is a visiting card. If you happen to visit a Entrecard enabled site, you can drop your card and you will be paid points for that as well.
But why I am today is to let you know that Entrecard is going places and has upgraded the system.
Now all Entrecard members could add more than one blog. You can add all your blogs to Entrecard simply by going to your Dashboard and clicking "Linked Blogs" in your Dashboard navigation. You will be able to choose whether to link your account with another EXISTING account, or to register a NEW BLOG with Entrecard, and automatically link it to your account. You will find all the information about this on this blog post about new features.

The other best thing is the Entrecard Ebook, this ebook will guide you along the way from beginner to expert, to make the best use of Entrecard to increase the traffic to your blog.

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