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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Pharmaceutical Outsourcing in China, A Guide.

As China has become one of the hottest areas for pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical outsourcing, there is an urgent need for the Western pharma and biotech companies, in particular those small-sized ones who do not have sufficient internal resources to manage all steps of the outsourcing process, to have a complete collection of the information with regards to the current situation and service capabilities of the Chinese pharmaceutical outsourcing service providers. This guide is thus prepared to address these issues.

It provides answers to such questions as:

- Whether is it the right time to go to China for outsourcing?
- Who are those Chinese service providers?
- What can they do?
- How good is each of these individual Chinese CROs?
- Where are they located?
- How to approach them?
- How to ensure my outsourcing effort in China will be successful?

Companies Mentioned:

  • AbMax Biotechnology Co. Ltd
  • AcceleDev Chemical, Co. LLC
  • AllyChem, Ltd
  • Alputon, Inc
  • AstaTech, Inc
  • Asymchem Laboratories, Inc
  • Beijing Honghui Meditech
  • Beijing Joinn Pharmaceutical Center
  • Beijing Pharma Sciences
  • Beijing WisdomChem Co. Ltd
  • BioDuro
  • Bridge Pharmaceuticals
  • Charles River Laboratories
  • ChemExplorer
  • ChemiK Co. Ltd
  • Chemizon
  • ChemPacific Corporation
  • ChemPartner
  • ChengYi Pharmaceuticals Co
  • Chimica Laboratories
  • China Gateway Pharma Products, Ltd
  • Chiral Quest, Inc
  • CrimsonPharma
  • Crown Biosciences, Inc
  • Daxian Chemical Institute, Ltd
  • Ennova MedChem Group, Inc
  • Excel Pharma Studies
  • Fountain Medical Development, Ltd
  • FuXin Hengton Fluorine Chemicals Co. Ltd
  • HD Biosciences Co. Ltd
  • Huaxipharm Co. Ltd
  • Jiangsu Zhongdan Drug Research Co. Ltd
  • Laviana Corporation
  • Medicilon
  • Nanjing Chemzam Pharmtech Co. Ltd
  • Paramax International, Inc
  • Pharmabridge, Inc
  • Pharmaron
  • Porton Corporation
  • Radiant Pharma & Tech Co., Ltd
  • ScinoPharm Kunshan
  • Shanghai LeadChem Co. Ltd
  • Shanghai SINCH Pharmaceuticals Tech. Co. Ltd
  • Shanghai SynCores Technologies, Inc
  • Sinova, Inc
  • StarVax, Inc
  • Sundia Meditech Co. Ltd
  • SynChem, Inc
  • Synergetica, Inc
  • Synergy PharmaTech Co. Ltd
  • Tyger Scientific, Inc
  • United PharmaTech
  • Vivo Development, Ltd
  • WatsonChem
  • Wilmington PharmaTech
  • WuXi PharmaTech
  • 2Y-CHEM, Ltd
  • Yield Pharma
  • Zannan Pharma
  • Zhejiang Qiming Pharmaceuticals Co. Ltd
Guide to Pharmaceutical Outsourcing in China Sample
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