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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Leftbefores! Weight Control With A Little Help From Portion Control

When ever we visit restaurants, they almost always serve more food than one person needs but can eat, at one meal.
So we go ahead and gulp the food down since we already know we are going to pay for it. Then we complain about how full we are!. So what should we do?
For starters we split an entrée between two if WE happen to be at a lunch or dinner table in a restaurant. So it is all good and everyone is eating correctly. What if I am alone at the restaurant? Well it is easy to ask for a "to-go" box. But this time do it before the end of the meal! as soon as your lunch or dinner brought to the table, wrap up half your meal in the to-go box or bag. Take the leftbefores home, refrigerate and enjoy another meal or a snack tomorrow.

This is the first entry in a new series, baby steps in weight control, that you can use to fight the weight problems in small steps. Come back for more simple weight control steps

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Viveca said...

Ah yes ... restaurant overload! Experienced that myself this week! We could have ordered half of what we ordered ... but we didn't AND we gorged AND we had a hard time getting to sleep!

Next time I will keep your suggestion in mind.

Thanks! Viveca

ravenII said...

Dear Viveca, Thank you for dropping by. I will be posting series of small steps to reduce unnecessary food intakes. See you soon.


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