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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Heparin Trouble In Germany Too!

New York Times is reporting that Germany has recalled and issued warnings on heparin that were made with ingredients from China.

In the United States, there are 19 deaths related heparin and the US manufacturer Baxter took it's sweet time recalling heparin, since December 2007. We covered it since initial FDA warning and heparin recall in December 2007 to the latest heparin news that there were deaths associated with heparin. But news continue to fill the media waves.

FRANKFURT — The German authorities said Friday that they had asked all German producers of the blood thinner heparin to check whether their ingredients came from China, after allergic reactions to the drug there were linked to two Chinese suppliers.

In cases where China did supply the raw ingredient, manufacturers were asked to test for any irregularities. The German authorities recalled the suspect heparin on Wednesday after receiving reports of allergic reactions in about 80 patients.

The suspect heparin in the United States was made by Baxter International, with ingredients from a Chinese company called Changzhou SPL. The discovery that the ingredients for the German-made heparin came from two different Chinese plants has led investigators to suspect that the problem may lie farther back in the supply chain.

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