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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Fake Doctors Notes, May Make That Time Off Easy

An Internet marketer from Saint Paul, MN, has found a steady yet controversial second income - selling fake doctor’s notes on the Internet. BestFakeDoctorNotes.com, offers fabricated doctor’s notes for ‘entertainment use only.’

The site, which has been online since November 2007, portrays itself as a colorful sales letter from a fictional, sunglasses-wearing doctor named Dr. E.Z. Streat. For a small price, ($14.97) the “doctor” will instantly email you the twelve authentic looking doctor notes. Once received, the notes can be edited and signed.

The site isn’t the first to sell fake doctor notes on the internet. Throughout the past year several sites have sprung up for business. Marquisi claims to stand out from the pack by creating higher quality notes of better value. The medical logos and graphics, he explains, are what make his notes look legitimate.

Many consider using fake doctor notes to be unethical, however Marquis feels differently.

“I simply saw a demand on the internet and created a product to fulfill that demand. My products are for entertainment use only, but if someone chooses to use them in other ways, that is their decision. I do not encourage illegal use of my products,” Marquisi states.

The website has a slightly different statement. Early in the sales page, “Dr. E.Z. Streat” explains that Americans are overworked, overstressed, and simply “Need a Damn Break.”

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