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Friday, March 14, 2008

Despite Recalls Drug Companies Stand By China.

As we informed today that FDA itself is seeking to establish FDA offices in China, Boston Globe has an article that despite worldwide recalls of Chinese made drugs, more and more drug companies are flocking to China to reduce production costs, and of course larger profits.
Of course when questioned the companies say problems such as the recent heparin related deaths in the USA and the subsequent all heparin recall in USA and Germany, Panama's antifreeze lazed medicine and the tainted leukemia drugs found in China itself are isolated incidents. They say they have the same quality-control standards in China. But I wonder if they are following these standards.
The article mentions the FDA itself thinks that there are many companies that follow the rules while there many who are in the other end of the spectrum. ""While some Chinese [drug] companies are state-of-the art in technology and manufacturing expertise, many are at the opposite end of the spectrum," FDA deputy commissioner Murray Lumpkin told Congress last year."
What ever the reasons, it is hard to believe the damage these drug companies are causing to general populace. So I invite you to read this article by Boston Globe, which tries to look at the issue from many fronts, including Massachusetts's own companies that manufacture drugs in China.
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lynnx01 said...

From where I come from, we are always skeptical when we see something made in China.

sol@rion said...

Yes Lynnx01, everyone should be careful of things that come from China. Specially when it comes to food, medicine and children's toys.


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