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Friday, December 21, 2007

CIGNA May Get Sued Over The Death Of A 17-Year-Old Girl

Time to stop insurance companies and clerks acting like doctors.
ANGELES (AP) A California family is planning to sue a health insurance company after the death of a 17-year-old girl.

The girl had been suffering from leukemia. Doctors determined that she/ needed a liver transplant after developing complications.

Cigna HealthCare initially refused to pay for the transplant, saying the procedure was experimental and outside the scope of coverage.

That decision was reversed yesterday as about 150 teenagers and nurses rallied outside the company's office. But the girl died just hours later.

Now the family's attorney wants prosecutors to press murder or manslaughter charges against the health insurer, saying the company "maliciously killed" the girl by refusing to pay for the transplant.

In a statement made before the girl died, Cigna said it sympathized with the family and would provide coverage, but that there was a lack of medical evidence showing the procedure would work.
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