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Monday, November 26, 2007

Yes We Are Eating That!

When I read the first part of this New York Times article, I said to myself yes, I do not trust the food I eat. When I go Shopping I read every label. I have written many FDA and USDA postings hoping people will read them and avoid harmful food. It is no wonder only 66% of us trust the food we eat. Down from 82 percent last year. With news of killer spinach, tainted hamburger patties and imported seafood that can provide as many toxins as omega-3s, it is no wonder.
But the wonder was also in the article!
"USA Today pointed out a particularly glaring problem last week. The private laboratories that test foods from companies on the government’s “import alert list” cannot automatically report tainted food to the Food and Drug Administration. Instead, they must give their reports to the importer who is paying for the test. If a shipment fails one laboratory’s test, some importers have switched to a less-reputable laboratory to get the tainted foodstuff through. That cannot be allowed. When labs find a batch of food with too much pesticide or salmonella or worse, they should be required to alert the F.D.A., not hope the companies will come clean for them."
I rest for now before getting mad!
The Food Marketing Institute — with 1,500 members, including major grocery chains and wholesalers — is calling for new rules that would allow the government to recall any food shipment if the producer or importer hesitates. That makes sense to us. Americans need to be a lot more confident that what is on sale at the corner grocery is safe enough to eat.
Read the complete article at NY Times, Are you going to eat that?

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