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Thursday, November 01, 2007

The WCRF/AICR Expert Report, Food, Nutrition, Physical Activity and the Prevention of Cancer: a Global Perspective.

An international team of experts, has issued a set of guidelines to help people everywhere reduce their risk of cancer. The recommendations focus on weight loss, exercise, and a diet that limits foods known to increase the risk of cancer.
Although seemingly repeating what we already know, this team has spent years
reviewing thousands of scientific studies and has formulated the lengthy report, which all the major new reporting sites tend not to direct you, Why? Perhaps to keep the users from leaving.
The report is 500 odd pages long and has vast amount of information. If you are interested in your health, not just preventing cancer.
The study recommends that
that people should be as lean as possible without getting underweight. In real world, that amount to body mass index at the low end of the normal range. For example, if you're 1.7 (5.6 feet)meters tall you might aim for about 55 kilos(121 pounds), for a body mass index of 19. You can lear more about Body Mass Index, BMI here.

he report recommends a mostly-vegetarian diet with only 500 grams of red meat per week, and avoiding processed meat as much as possible. One must also limit the amounts of energy-dense foods that are made with lots of fats and sugar. It also suggests limiting salt to about six grams a day and having no more than one drink of alcohol a day for women, two drinks at most for men.
he report also recommends breastfeeding. Mother's milk is the perfect food for a newborn, of course, but panel member Walter Willett of Harvard University says research indicates it can also help prevent cancer in the mother. "Our report found convincingly that mothers who breastfeed reduce their own chances of developing pre- and post-menopausal breast cancer. This benefit of breastfeeding is probably related to hormonal factors," he said
So the report basically asks us to be responsible human beings, responsible to our-selves.
The repeort could be viewed, down loaded at
dietandcancerreport.org where you can also find the most up to date reference and resource material regarding the report.

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