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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Vermont is the best State For Your Health thi Year

America’s Health Rankings – 2007 Edition shows Vermont at the top of the list of healthiest states. This is the first year Vermont has been ranked number one. The state has had a steady climb in the rankings for the last seven years from an initial position of eighth in 2001. Minnesota is ranked second this year; it was first in the 2006 Edition. Minnesota has been first for the last four years and for 11 of the 18 Editions of this report. Hawaii is number three, followed by New Hampshire, Connecticut and Utah. Mississippi is 50th and the least healthy state, while Louisiana is 49th. Arkansas, Oklahoma and Tennessee complete the bottom five states. California, my Sunny State is 25th!, Why?

Vermont moved from 16th in 1990 to its current lead position. Vermont’s strengths include ranking in the top five states for a low rate of preventable hospitalizations, ready access to adequate prenatal care, a low percentage of children in poverty, ready access to primary care and a low prevalence of obesity. It also ranks first overall for its strengths in all health determinants combined and ranks in the top 20 states for all measures except two. Those two challenges are low per capita public health spending (ranked 41st) and a high prevalence of binge drinking at 16.7 percent of the population. See Vermont’s state snapshot here.

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