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Thursday, November 22, 2007

ThanksGiving Day is Recall Filled

I was very sad that I had to post about 12 recalls today and 10 of them are related to childrens toys or jewelry. I went toy buying a few weeks ago and I could not fond any toys that are not made in China. Sorry about the discrimination but most of the recalled products came from China. I do not bother at all if it is made in China, just reject, toys, food, other stuff. There are some stuff that are made in China that I buy, because I have no other choice. But I do not blame China for only for these issues. Like Mattel, the marketing companies, toy companies and distributors, order products from China. These products have design, manufacturing guidelines. It is Chinese manufacturers responsibility to follow those guide lines. More so the responsibility of companies like Mattel to check the products that they are getting.
Sometimes I wonder, if they ordered the products just as they were produced, meaning inferiority of the product was in designing and ordering. May be lobbying is too strong here to ban Lead based paints it toys or other items that children use.
At least be thankful to FDA and CPSC and other agencies for letting us know about these recalls.
Here are the posts that were published today;
Flashing Pacifiers Recalled By Sailing
Children’s Pencil Pouches Recalled by Raymond Geddes & Co.
Children's Metal Jewelry Recalled by Buy-Rite
Cherrydale Fundraising Recalls Bracelets
Children’s Metal Jewelry Recalled by Colossal Jewelry & Accessories
La Femme NY Inc. Recalls Children’s Necklace and Earring Sets
Metal Jewelry Sold at Michaels Stores Recalled
Discount School Supply Recalls Paint Brushes
Metal Jewelry Sold by Family Dollar Stores Recalled
Children's Snow and Sand Castle Kits by Paricon Recalled by L.L. Bean’s
Allergy Alert and Recall of Charlemagne Dark Chocolate Organic Bars
Heartland® Brand Graham Pie Crusts Allergy Alert

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