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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Internet is most trusted source for health information.

Somehow I missed this post about a survey about health care information and how people are using Internet for such information. I will thrive to make MedDesktop one of the best stops for such information.
I have always informed about food, drug and toy recalls in timely manner. The only downside about this site is the advertising I get from AdSense. Sometimes we end up with undesirable ads. But I have taken best care to prevent such ads with filtering provided by Google.
From the post;
"According to Prospectiv's "2007 Pharmaceutical Marketing CPI" poll conducted in June, 75% of 800 consumers surveyed feel the Internet is their most trusted source for health information. And not only was the Internet the most trusted medium, but it was the most reliable place to research ailment and drug information, more so than broadcast media (15%) and magazines (10%). The study also found that online consumers favor general health Web sites (54%) and ailment-focused sites (37%) over pharmaceutical company sites (4%).
This is very encouraging for me as that is what the incubating "MedDesktop.com" will focus on, to become the health site!
Google Health Advertising Blog: Trusting the Internet for health

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