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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Middle School Birth Control or Access to Prescription Contraceptives.by Minors

I don't think I was worried about birth control when I was at middle school. Two things that I can remember were on my mind was to be the best of the class and be a part of schools football (soccer) team. I think I looked at those beautiful girls at school and else where, infatuation lead day dreaming but sex was not in my mind when I was 11.
In any case, I do not agree with the King Middle School, Portland school board’s decision to let the independently operated clinic at her school provide students access to prescription contraceptives.
They are just too small to know what is best for them. Another reason that I don't like it is keeping the information away from parents. There might be exceptions but any parent know what is best for their children and it might help families to keep things open. If parents and doctors decide that there is a need for such things as contraceptives that might be a different story.
I hope this decision don't send out signals to people indicating it is OK for minors to have sex.
In any case people should be informed and following are some links providing information. After reading those you might have a different idea about this issue.

Not All Are Pleased at Plan to Offer Birth Control at Maine Middle School: NY Times
Parents, remember teen years Alternative view at Boston Herald

Update; this link was in a comment left for this article. I thought it was very good ling and I learn somethings new today and I was convinced once again that we live in a great country.

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Anonymous said...

you are right on the money about people being more informed. i found this commentary earlier today, the author really brought up some ignored issues that go beyond the typical right/left debate.

here is the link



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