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Sunday, October 21, 2007

How Long Would Frozen Food Last?.

Everyone stuffs their freezers with food to be used later. We know some will escape the hands that search for packages and get left behind.
Is it safe to eat those food or how long those food is safe to use? Are there any guide lines?
I did know the answers either, but people at DIY Kits' DIY Basics gives some pointers. The most important for me was the following;

The Time Periods for Frozen food!

Properly prepared and packaged food should last for several months.

Fruits and Vegetables: 8-12 Months
Poultry: 6-9 Months
Fish: 3-6 Months
Ground Meat: 3-4 Months
Cured or Processed Meat: 1-2 Months

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