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Thursday, September 27, 2007

More Toy Recalls, this Time it is Thomas & Friends wooden railway toys (Images included)

Here are the images of recalled RC2's Thomas and friends line and instructions as provided by RC2 to recognize them.
  • Please check the tracking code on the bottom of the vehicle as shown in the circled image above. Only those vehicles that have either no tracking code or the following tracking codes are subject to this recall.
  • 26833i

The affected All Green Maple Tree Top was found exclusively in the Conductor's Figure 8 Set with item number LC99535 or LC99535T.

The affected Green Signal Base was found exclusively in the Conductor's Figure 8 Set with item number LC99535 or LC99535T.

Please check the tracking code on the bottom of the vehicle as shown in the image above. Only those vehicles that have a tracking code 1656OW00 are subject to this recall.
The affected Olive Green Sodor Cargo Box was found exclusively in the Deluxe Cranky the Crane with item number LC99371.

After millions of Chinese-made toys and products have been recalled this summer because of lead contamination in their painted coatings. In separate announcements yesterday, Target and RC2, the maker of Thomas & Friends wooden railway toys, joined the line by recalling 550,000 toys.
The toys being recalled are five products from the Thomas & Friends product line: a black cargo car, a Toad vehicle, an olive green Sodor Cargo Box, a green maple tree and signal base accessories.
RC2 had the following message on the site;
In cooperation with the CPSC, RC2 issued a voluntary recall on September 26, 2007 for five additional items from the Thomas & Friends™ Wooden Railway that were produced between March 2003 and April 2007.
learn more
or visit RC2 Recall Website.

It is easier to mark "Chinese Made" but I have a simple question, who gives the designs and specifications, is it Chinese Toy makers too? It is very simple folks, Toy companies are business' and they out there to make money and not to check you kids health. They will cut corners and blame others (Chinese) and apologize when the heat is low like Mattel did. I think it is worth while to save your kids and return all the toys. So that next time toy makers will check products when the orders come back from manufacturers. From the above statement, it is evident that since 2003, our kids were playing with toys with lead and nobody tested them.

I have played with a lots of toys when I was a kid (I still have some of them ;)) and I do not recall any of them needing recalls. May be because they did not know better then. But the US law concerning Lead based paint on toys were enacted in 1970s and the companies do very well know about it. They also have means of testing once products come in from manufacturers. If the manufacturers are cutting corners then it is due to lack of concern by US companies that lead to have our children play with lead laden toys!.
“It’s absolutely astonishing to us that lead continues to be found in children’s toys despite the fact that consumer and environmental groups have been warning the government about this issue” for more than 10 years, said Mr. Schade, whose group, The coalition of environmental and consumer groups, coordinates a national campaign to phase out vinyl plastics from consumer products and packaging.


teresa said...

I think American consumers are beginning to see that American manufacturers who outsource jobs to make record profits, at the expense of our own economy and the well-being of our own kids, do not deserve our hard-earned dollars. We certainly DO NOT have to buy their products, and should instead reward those American companies who keep jobs here in America and produce quality products. I hope shoppers will consider buying toys for their kids that are made here in America. And despite what people might think, there ARE choices out there if people look around. I've been researching and googling, trying to locate quality toys made here in America. I've discovered over 100 websites for American-made toys, and continue to find more every day. Some are large companies we're all familiar with, and some are mom-and-pop businesses that deserve a chance. (I compiled them on my website, www.toysmadeinamerica.com) I hope people will begin to realize that they DO NOT have to spend their hard-earned dollars on toys produced overseas, from American companies who outsource jobs and threaten our own economy (and the welfare of our kids) in order to make record profits (and they certainly don't pass the savings on to us! Many of these recalled toys are not, in my opinion, cheap... only cheaply made!) Enough is enough, we all deserve better.

A said...

I think this is just the beginning of alot more recalls to come - especially as we get closer to the holiday season. Check out www.leadtoyrecalls.com if you want to be notified about these automatically.


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