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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Uninsured Children in America, 8.7 million of them

I have been trying to decipher what SCHIP program is and how one qualifies to get the benefits and insure children. What I learned is that politicians (Bush) are thinking that all the Americans are rich or trying to dupe people without having to provide the service by pushing the matter through a mess. Try to understand the following;
"States were told this month that they will no longer be allowed to enroll children whose families earn above 250 percent of the poverty level unless they can prove that they have managed to cover 95 percent of children below 200 percent of the poverty level and unless they require that children who previously had private health insurance wait a full year without coverage before enrolling in the State Children's Health Insurance Program."
I do not like to delve in politics. But when it comes to children, I only can say STUPID to people who does thing like this.
I am not not going to write anymore but will direct you to some articles that I thought were well written. Again the risk of parents dropping private coverage to sign up for SCHIP is greater for parents with higher incomes. But there is a risk, too, when society allows children to remain uninsured.

Number of Uninsured Americans Hits Record High

Americans Without Health Benefits Rose to 47 Million (Update2)

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