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Monday, August 13, 2007

Quit Smoking on impulse

"For most smokers, (quitting) is a process, and it may culminate for many people -- more than we thought, if this study proves to be correct -- that they do make a very spontaneous decision," Glynn observed. "But that's in all likelihood the culmination of a series of decisions over a period of years leading to that day."What's unclear in this study, he said, is whether people defined that process as "planned" or "unplanned." So, is quitting on a whim a better strategy? Or is planning a better option for some? "The truth is that we just don't know what the best strategy is," conceded West, who acknowledged that planning may help some smokers quit.
"The most important thing," he added, "is for smokers to realize that if they are experiencing powerful urges or feeling really bad because of withdrawal symptoms, they can help themselves by using nicotine patches or one of the other medications and by using specialist support, either by telephone or face to face."

I second the thought. I have been smoking 15 years and last November I gave up. One Friday I decided not to go to work, did not light the first cigarette of the day, stayed in the bed. (I would smoke a packet of Marlboro a day usually and first one was with first cup of coffee.) By 12:00 noon I was uncomfortable. Got up ate some lunch, had a good drink, a swig of cognac (I get drunk very fast) and watched TV to my sleep. I repeated this till next evening. By then I was a very unhappy person. I also stopped drinking Cognac because it was getting into me. I asked my Girlfriend to drive me to beach on Sunday. It was good! Next morning I got up and went to work.

That was the last time I touched a cigarette. There is a 3/4 full box of cigarettes on my study desk, for las 9 months. I look at it and think how stupid I was to have smoked this nasty thing for so long. Since then I have talked two of my friends to give up smoking. I will continue to do so.

Side effects! I put up about 30 pounds of weight, so please add exercise to your quiting schedule.

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Quitting on Impulse May Be Smokers' Best Bet


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