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Monday, July 02, 2007

No you and your atitude make me sicko!

I now know you tried to explain what you meant, but that is not what most understood it to be;
I learned that from ZDNET Post by Dan Farber below;
"Moore’s film portrays the industry as money and marketing driven, and fails to show health care interest in patient well-being and care."
Either you were taken care by health care industry so well that you are incapable of what you are saying.
Health care industry is in it for money lady. If they were in it for
patient well-being and care, we will not have what we have today and Michael Moore does not need to make movies.
You can place some of those paid stuff here and I will gladly accept
f4324asdd. But it will not change the facts. So Turner, when it comes to human health, be less heartless.

Update 2: Now we have an explanation from Ms. Turner regarding how to read her post. She just meant to state Google’s position that “advertising is a very democratic and effective way to participate in a public dialogue.” I won’t argue with the idea of advertising as democratic. Anyone with the money or winning bid can get their message out into the ether. But ads tend to be one-sided sales pitches without footnotes, not a public dialog. If we want a public dialog, having the two opposing sides in a public debate would be a far better way to educate the public.

Here is the text of Ms. Turner’s post :

My opinion and Google’s
9:03 AM
Posted by Lauren Turner, Account Planner, Health

Well, I’ve learned a few things since I posted on Friday. For one thing, even though this is a new blog, we have readers! That’s a good thing. Not so good is that some readers thought the opinion I expressed about the movie Sicko was actually Google’s opinion. It’s easy to understand why it might have seemed that way, because after all, this is a corporate blog. So that was my mistake — I understand why it caused some confusion.

But the more important point, since I doubt that too many people care about my personal opinion, is that advertising is an effective medium for handling challenges that a company or industry might have. You could even argue that it’s especially appropriate for a public policy issue like healthcare. Whether the healthcare industry wants to rebut charges in Mr. Moore’s movie, or whether Mr. Moore wants to challenge the healthcare industry, advertising is a very democratic and effective way to participate in a public dialogue.

That is Google’s opinion, and it’s unrelated to whether we support, oppose or (more likely) don’t have an official position on an issue. That’s the real point I was trying to make, which was less clear because I offered my personal criticism of the movie.

Google Health Advertising Blog: Does negative press make you Sicko?ran

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