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Friday, June 29, 2007

Sicko and Michael Moore tells a real story!

There were many reviews and critiques about Michael Moore's Sicko. I have not seen it but I will be soon. But I have read enough.
Insurance companies are making money on people's sickness. Out of 300 million people in USA, if they made $1000 out of 216 million! Then you can be sure they will do anything keep this free money flowing.
This is a story that came out of Sicko!
"Others tell more heartwrenching stories of loved ones lost because their health insurance would not approve their surgery or chemotherapy. Some whistleblowers support these allegations.

One of them is Dr. Linda Peeno, former medical reviewer at Humana. “In the spring of 1987 as a physician, I denied a man a necessary operation that would have saved his life and thus caused his death,” testifies Peeno. “In fact what I did was saved the company half a million dollars. For this.""

Go get sick at Sicko! or learn more!!

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