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Friday, June 08, 2007

Medicinal Digital Photography!

I found this article about Digital Photography at iPath site. I think it is a very interesting article and I decided to publish a little of it to wet your appetite before forwarding to the actual article with much more information.
David Riba Torrecillas*, Jorge Soler-González{dagger} and Antonio Rodríguez-Rosich{ddagger}

*ABS Tremp, Institut Catalá de la Salut; {dagger}ABS Rambla Ferran, Institut Catalá de la Salut; {ddagger}Medicine Faculty, Universitat de Lleida (UdL), Institut Catalá de la Salut, Lleida, Spain

Over the past decade, digital imaging technology has become widespread: most cameras now sold in North America and Europe are digital rather than film based. Digital photography has become an easy, inexpensive and rapid way to capture clinical images.1 Medical fields such as dermatology, radiology and ophthalmology2 have been using digital imaging for some time, but family doctors are also well positioned to take advantage of these evolving imaging trends.3 Digital photography can help physicians provide better medical care by adding accurate, easy-to-capture clinical images directly to electronic records (replacing inaccurate or inadequate clinical descriptors or stylized pen and ink sketches in our notes). The growth and evolution of lesions and wounds can also be monitored. In addition, this format allows images to be shared through telemedicine services4 or for images to be sent (through intranet or the internet) quickly and efficiently from one health care level to another for consultations with colleagues or for teaching5 and research.

We aim to briefly summarize the approaches that we have found useful for introducing digital photography into the family physician's practice.
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