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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Hershey recalls products and closes a plant

Hershey has recalled following items due to possible salmonella Virus contamination. Hershey has also closed its Smiths Falls plant after salmonella bacteria was detected in the candy produced there.

Chocolate bars and confectionery:
Oh Henry! (62.5 g, 62.5 g four bar packs, and 145 g)
Oh Henry! Bites (130 g)
Oh Henry! Peanut Butter (60 g)
Reese Peanut Butter Cups (51 g, 68 g, and 51 g four bar packs)
Eat-more Dark Toffee Peanut Chew (56 g, 56 g four bar packs)
Lowney Bridge Mix (52 g and 340 g)
Lowney Cherry Blossom (45 g)
Glosette Peanuts (45 g)
Glosette Almonds (42 g)
Glosette Raisins (50 g and 145 g)
Hershey’s Creamy Milk Chocolate with Almonds (43 grams)
Hershey’s Creamy Milk Chocolate (45 g)
Hershey’s Special Dark Chocolate (45 g)
Hershey’s Special Dark Chocolate with Almonds (43 g)
Hershey Assorted 16-count (728 g) and 50-count (2.5 kilograms)
Unbranded nut rolls (5 kilograms/bulk)
Hershey’s chocolate shell topping (177 mililitres)

Affected chocolate chips include:

Chipits semi-sweet mint chocolate and semi-sweet chocolate chips (300 g)
Chipits milk chocolate chips (270 g)
Chipits mini chocolate chips (175 g, 300 g, 500 g, 10 kilograms/bulk)
Chipits chocolate chips (10 kilograms/bulk)
Hershey semi-sweet chocolate chips (300 g and 10 kilograms/bulk).

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