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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Austrailian athletes get wired for speed

Triathlete Melissa Ashton is training for the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii next month. During her sessions the environmental chamber is set at 32C and 70 per cent humidity. Medical staff constantly measure her body temperature and sweat rate to gauge how well she adapts to the heat. The NSWIS is looking also to fit controls to help altitude training.

"The room allows me to simulate Hawaiian conditions in a controlled environment and still be in Sydney," says Ashton, who in the past has left her support team and law studies behind to arrive in the United States alone in time to acclimatise. Last year, she finished 10Th.

"I already feel quite comfortable. I'm hoping [the room] will give me the edge," she says.

What is this room she is talking about? Where is it?

Well Sydney Morning Herald's Lia Timson reports about Technology installed at the new state-of-the-art NSW Institute of Sport at Sydney Olympic Park is the latest investment designed to give our athletes a competitive edge over the world's best.

The institute's (http://www.nswis.com.au) home, officially opened earlier this month, has the latest in sport science and bio mechanics equipment in one location to help propel athletes to greater performances in 28 sports.

Here is the link to read more, if you are interested.

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